The Best Way to Shop in the UK If You Have A Bad Credit Score

Thousands of consumers are dealing with bad credit scores across the world and the UK is no exception. There are many lower income families who are currently struggling with the results of the recession and results have affected consumers in more ways than one.

When it comes to purchasing everyday items, as well as much bigger items, buying them out right can be a huge hassle.

Fortunately there are many options that can be taken advantage of when it comes to shopping in the UK with bad credit. These options tend to help families get the things that they need without further crippling their credit.

What are Instant credit catalogues?

Instant credit catalogues are catalogues that offer people with bad credit, a credit free shopping experience. Making a purchase through an instant credit catalogue means that your credit isn’t taken into consideration and you are more likely to get obtain the items that you want without the worry of being denied.

Most catalogues attempt to help buyers by lowering their credit utilization credit score.The idea behind raising your available credit by grabbing credit somewhere else is the idea behind these instant credit catalogues.

Shopping through instant credit catalogues means that the buyer will have a line of credit that he or she has to pay off through weekly or monthly payment plans. These types of companies tend to focus on credit checks, and they have close personal relationships with different financial institutions.

Credit cards for people with bad credit

Ok, so you are much more interested in trying your hand with credit cards. If you have bad credit then more than likely, you’ve been denied a credit card. Fortunately there are credit card options for people with bad credit. And they can really be helpful when shopping in the UK.

There are many bad credit cards that allow people to build or rebuild their credit. But the one known credit card is the Barclay Card. This card is highly popular and has been known to help people rebuild their credit. During the rebuilding time, one can take advantage of shopping and buying, making sure to focus on the monthly payments. Consumers who are interested in obtaining this credit card must be enrolled in the electoral roll and must not have CCJ’s or IVA’s in the past five years.

The best way to shop in the UK if you have a bad credit score is to either take advantage of the instant credit catalogue or grab a credit building credit card. The great thing about shopping in UK with bad credit is that there are options, and these options can be exercised with the least amount of hassle.

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